Anointed Day Ministries
Worship Leader Charles Schovajsa
It is my hearts desire to see the world changed by the Love of God, and to share with you how much God loves you!   God’s Love is far greater than anything or any evil that could  ever come against you!
     When God sent His Son Jesus to die for us, what ultimately happened is God showed his Love for us by sending his son as a replacement for you and me!  We were dead in a sinful nature never to live. When Jesus Died and was raised to life again, we were seated at that moment with Jesus at the right hand of the father. Which means that every thing that has been given to Jesus, has been given to us and therefore we should walk in this belief. There is nothing that should overwhelm you or overtake you, especially if you know who you are in Christ. You have been delivered from the law of poverty, sickness, and spiritual death. The way to living an abundant life is to just simply Believe. Only Believe!! Don’t work, as we are not justified by our works! We are justified by our faith, and faith believes! Just Believe in Jesus is all that is required. The rest will take care of it's self. God Bless!!! Garan Charles