Anointed Day Ministries
Worship Leader Charles Schovajsa
Anointed Day Music
Praise and worship leader Garan Charles .
Career Objective
The career objective of Anointed Day is to Change the lives of people. Go out into the world, not seeking to be famous in the worlds eyes but seeking to be used by God however he may choose!
We Seek to led by the Spirit of God.
Too many times we quench what God wants to do in our service's and our lives, by our human traditions and human structures. We tend to think God needs our help, when in reality it is man that needs Him!
Lets be led by the Spirit of God.
After all if you are led by the Spirit of God you will most definitely see God move in your midst. It is proof. These signs follow those who believe.
God works through those who care more about people and saving souls than building new buildings. God loves to prosper his kids, but don't be deceived that is not the only gift he gives. He desires for us to have a relationship with him first, you must have the Creator, before you have his Creation.  Seek first the kingdom of God, then all these things will be added to you.....
He expects total and complete obedience, 99% obedience is still rebellion.  If we Love God, we will keep his commandments.  If we Love God, we will be a lighthouse to the hurting.  If we Love God, we will worship and praise him at all times and in every circumstance and in every way...  The scripture says that we love because he first Loved us  not that we choose to love and that the Grace of God teaches man to deny ungodlyness. We on our own will never match up, we need the gift that God has delivered to us. The gift of His Son Jesus who in return brought us the Gift of Righteousness and the Gift of Grace delivered to us not by our works, lest anyman boast but by believing on Jesus the Only Begotten Son of God only and nothing more. These qualities we have the moment we believe. whether you feel it or not.
Let the name of the Lord Thy God Be Praised!